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Pat BBQ - Wild Tide BBQ Dry Rub 135g

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• Gluten free
• 135g

Chasse Québec is a team of guides and hunters whose mission is to convey passion, pride, and respect for the ancestral practice of hunting. We promote know-how and soft skills, from harvesting in the forest to tasting in the plate. Our collaboration with Pat BBQ is a symbol of our commitment to honour the animals we harvest in the backwoods. WILD spices and sauces are made from local ingredients, as are the meals they complement.

Take a seat at Chasse Québec’s large table!

• Sea salt • Irradiated spices • Granulated garlic • Onion salt • Celery salt • Sugars (cane sugar, sugar) • Dehydrated lemon peel • Ancho pepper powder • Citric acid • Onion powder • Corn flour • Flavour • Silicon dioxyde.

Put it everywhere!
• Scallops
• Sea food
• Fish
• Vegetables