Father's Day SAUCES & RUBS Bundle


Does the man in your house possess an insatiable pallate for rubs and sauces? Well here's an exciting line-up of our favourite hits in the kitchen or on the bbq. 


4x Hardcore Carnivore Rubs

Red - chicken & pork seasoning with vivid all-natural color. Amplify - mega savory flavor dust for all-purpose extra-umami boost. Camo - our wild game and lamb seasoning designed to complement more robust meats. Meatchelada -  this premium Lone Star Beer collab chili lime seasoning gives your meat a zesty kick.

All Hardcore Carnivore rubs are made in Texas, gluten-free, no MSG, no artificial colors and keto friendly.

5 Flavours of Lechosa's Hot Sauce!

A Spanish immigrant in search of the American dream set out to infuse his heritage and love for spicy food into a lasting legacy for the Lechosas name. And thus was born Lechosas hot sauce, the boldest and most flavorful sauce your taste buds have ever experienced.

1 Complimentary Bottle of Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce

The new line of Jack Daniel's Barbecue Sauces are authentic and completely imagined with small-batch production, old-time kettle-cooking and made with all-natural ingredients.There are a number of premium ingredients that are added to the sauce including, of course, a touch of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey that imparts a unique flavour, also apple cider vinegar, pineapple juice, brown sugar, tamarind and other key ingredients.