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Beefer XL Chef Natural Gas

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Technical Specifications Beefer XL Chef NG

  • DIN EN 203-1:2014-07
  • Category : I2H/I2E (20)
  • Gas type : Natural Gas
  • Pressure : 7″ WC
  • Consumption : 13,700 BTU/h
  • Size of the oven : GN 2/3 (12.6 ” x 13.8 ”/ (320 x 350 mm)


  • Fully welded interior with special gastronomic structure for strict sanitary requirements
  • Easy to clean, straight angle Removable tool holder holder automatic grease flow thanks to a suitable base removable grease tray
  • Electric ignition
  • DIN EN 203-1: 2014-07 / Professional kitchen appliances using Natural Gas
  • 2 separately adjustable burners Temperature over 1,500 F degrees
  • Completely in stainless steel, three-wall housing for better protection against heat
  • silk-screened logo Front control elements
  • gas valve on the side
  • Manual height adjustment, adjustable at any time and almost continuously
  • Heavy-duty grid for large pieces of meat or pizza stone, to be used in the middle with a handle or sideways with both, extractable from a distance and so that it can not be tilted thanks to the lateral guidance